Free Evaluation FAQ's

How does the 30 day free evaluation work?
It can take a week to  set up your profile. We may need to get in touch with you during this period for extra information. The 30 day evaluation  begins once we notify you your search profile is ready.
You will receive your tenders by email while  we monitor your search profile daily to improve and refine the results .  At the end of your free period the service will be automatically dis-continued unless you instruct us  to subscribe.
Do I have to commit to a subscription to try your service?
No, but we hope you will see the cost effective and time saving benefits of our service during your 30 day evaluation period.
How can your service help my business?
250K contracting entities  publish up to 2K contracts per day into the OJEU. Obtaining precise and accurate results  requires technical skills, OJEU knowledge and time.  Euro-Bid Watch has been at the forefront of  tender searching and dissemination for 20+ years. Combining powerful profiling , developed with our   partners CRI Group,   with our knowledge and experience,  you have a cost effective and flexible service saving your bid team  resource effort.
Do you charge extra  for changes  or a bespoke request?
 Our standard service is very flexible including  as many changes as you like. We  monitor your profile daily making and suggesting changes to you.  We offer additional flexible  options at low cost  meeting  any additional requirements you may have.
What language filtering do you offer?
OJEU  Notices are published in 23 official EU languages, including Cyrillic and Greek .If the Official Language isn't English  there will in 95% of cases  be no English translation. As awarding authorities only accept bids in the official language of the notice, those seeking opportunities in other languages must search local language keywords .  We offer keyword language filtering in any of the EU languages including one extra  language keyword search  in our standard service, with a low add on cost for any other languages you need.
How long is the subscription period?
12 months - Your first year's subscription  starts at the end of your free evaluation , so  you  receive 13 months service for the price of 12 . (this offer applies to new clients only - please refer to our T & C's for further info).
If you need any further help before requesting your free evaluation, drop us an email or give us a call, we are  happy to answer any questions.
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