Tender filtering and alert service

Tender Filtering & Alert Service

Our comprehensive and flexible service can provide  your business with  daily and accurate contract opportunities 

A complex environment

euro-bidwatch - OJEU experts

Up to 2,000 EU tender opportunities are published daily. In addition to the volume, searching is compounded by:

CPVs: Despite nearly 10,000 codes, they don’t cover all products and services and are often misclassified
Keywords: Our advanced system allows for multiple and  complex tender searches.   These are not available in   less comprehensive  D-I-Y control panels
Languages: For companies with an international outlook beyond English we  run advanced multi language searches in all  EU  languages including Cyrillic & Greek .  95% of notices are published in  their original language  and are not translated.  CPV codes cannot be relied on to either provide the correct ‘translation’ or find  the right opportunities  in any language.
Notice Types: Do you know your Accelerated Restricted from your Open Negotiated Procedures or your Periodic Indicative Notices (PINs) without competition from you Voluntary Ex-Ante Transparency Notices?  We do and can help you in  how to respond to the 18 types of contract notice, five types of procedure and many more of the OJEU’s complex idiosyncrasies.

Maximising tender opportunities

Euro-Bid Watch have developed a unique approach, TED Alert™, filtering tenders, ensureing you don’t miss a relevant  tender opportunity. Using complex and meticulous search tools added with our knowledge in global public procurement, we send tenders that are  otherwise missed.
Euro-Bid Watch specialise in finding tenders for customers who rely on accuracy and  thoroughness without the time or resources to do it themselves. Many subscribers operate in complex or specialist markets where we have a track record maximising tender opportunities.

Performance monitoring

euro-bidwatch tender filtering
 Once your profile is set up, our behind the scene work begins, watching for categorization and processing errors, false drops, keyword developments, testing translations and pro-active profile change suggestions..

We are confident our tender filtering and alert service can deliver your business new tender bid opportunities - simply  try our service for a free evaluation and start receiving your tailor made tenders. 

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