Tender Bid Winners

Tender Bid Winners

Our clients are competitive and successful organisations who need accurate tender results. They  operate in  diverse market sectors where our precision filtering saves time and limits missed opportunities. Below is  just some of our  tender bid winners  that we are proud to support.

Some of Our Latest Winners 

ABS Albyn Medical
Supplying: Digestive endoscopy
To: Haguenau Hospital

Contract Value: €1M

Bausch & Lomb UK Ltd.
Supplying: Balanced Salt Solution
To: Derby Hospitals

Total Contract Value: £828K

Alere Toxicology plc
Supplying: Drug abuse Point of Care Testing
To: NHS Shared Business Services Ltd.

Contract Value: Up to £280M

Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o.
Supplying: X-Ray diffractometer
To: Karlova Prague University

Total Contract Value: CZK33M

Real Estate & Facilities
BNP Paribas Real Estate  & Property Management UK Ltd.
Supplying: Commercial Property Consultancy
To: European Medicines Agency

Total Value: £1M

Design & Build
Weston Williamson & Partners
Supplying: Architectural services
To: Notting Hill Housing Trust

Total Contract Value: £1.25M

Technology, Media & Telecoms
Gemalto s.a.
Supplying: Contactless Smartcards
To: Milan Transport Co.
Total Value of Contract: €535K

Lenovo Technology (UK) Ltd.
Supplying: Desktops, Notebooks & Tablets
To: London Universities Consortium
Contract Value: £440M

Post Telecom
Supplying: High Performance Computing
To: Luxembourg University
 Contract Value €1M

Associated Press Television News
Supplying: Audiovisual Content
To: Italian Radio & Television


Kier Highways
Supplying: Highways Maintenance, Repairs & Renewals
To: Shropshire County Council
Total Contract Value: £210M


Aaron Services Ltd.

Supplying: Gas Servicing & Planned Maintenance
To: Uttlesford District Council
Total Contract Value: £2.2M

Business  Sectors

 Business Services tenders

Beetroot Publishing Ltd.
Supplying: Production & Distribution of Internal Magazine
To: Network Rail –  UK
Total Contract Value: £752K

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Defence & Security tenders

Ketech Systems Ltd.
Supplying: Type B LAG Detection Equipment
To: German Federal Ministry of Interior – Germany

Supplying: NATO compatible Communications System IP Encoders
To: Lithuanian Armed Forces – Lithuania

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Design & Build tenders

Kier Highways Ltd.
Supplying: Highways Design Services Consultancy
To: Highways England –  UK
Total Contract Value: £36.2M

Weston Williamson & Partners
Supplying: Architectural Services
To: Network Housing Group –  UK

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Electronic & Engineering tenders

Harvard Engineering PLC
Supplying: Central Street Lighting Management System
To: Transport for London Surface Transport –  UK

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Energy & Utilities tenders

Technolog Ltd.
Supplying: Flow Loggers
To: Wessex Water Services Ltd. –  UK

Technolog SARL
Supplying: Remote Gas Meter Reading System
To: GDS/Gas Distribution Services –  France

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Environment Services tenders

JMP Wilcox Ltd. – Bilston, UK
Supplying: Textiles Recycling
To: Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council –  UK

Total Contract Value: £900K
Supplying: Processing of commingled dry recyclables
To: Staffordshire County Council –  UK

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Finance tenders

Ruffer LLP
Supplying: Long term multi-asset investment fund management
To: The Open University –  UK

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Healthcare tenders

Albyn Medical, S.L.
Supplying: Bronchoscopy & Endoscopy Video Surgery Equipment
To: Andalusian Health Service – Spain

Total Contract Value: €652K

Rigaku Europe SE
Supplying: X-Ray Diffractometer
To: Stuttgart University

Total Value of Contract: €313K

Baxter Healthcare Ltd.
upplying: Peritoneal Dialysis Systems
To: North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative –  UK
Supplying: Generic Transition Products
To: Commercial Medicines Unit – UK

Total Contract Value: £46.4M

Mathys Orthopaedics Ltd.
Supplying: Modular Primary Hip Replacement Implants
To: Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust –  UK

Total Contract Value: £200K

Medi UK Ltd.
Supplying: Orthotics Consumables
To: East of England NHS Collaborative Hub – UK

Total Contract Value:Up to £5M
Supplying: Wound Debridement Pads
To: NHS Scotland –  UK

Total Contract Value: £20.5M

Vascular Perspectives Ltd.
Supplying: Diagnostic Catheters & Vascular Closure Devices
To: NHS Scotland –  UK

Total Contract Value: £13.5M

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Instrumentation tenders

Rigaku Europe
Supplying: Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer & Associated Low Temperature Cryosystem
To: The University of Warwick – UK

Total Contract Value: £335K
Supplying: Single Crystal Diffractometer
To: Zurich Technical University/Eidgenössisch Technische Hochschule –  Switzerland

Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o.
Suppyling: Desktop X-Ray Diffractometer
To: Ostrava Technical University –  Czech Republic

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Real Estate & Facilities tenders

BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK Ltd.
Supplying: Estate Management Services
To: Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd. –  UK

GL Hearn Ltd.
Supplying: Valuation Consultancy Services
To: Peabody Group –  UK

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Technology, Media & Telecoms tenders

Lenovo Technology (UK) Ltd.
Supplying: Desktops, Notebooks & Tablets
To: London Universities Consortium

Contract Value: £440M

Associated Press Television News Ltd.
Supplying: Bi-Annual APTN Video Subscription
To: RAI Radiotelevisione Italia SpA –  Italy

Total Contract Value: £250K

Post Telecom S.A.
Supplying: High-speed Telecom Lines & Internet Access
To: Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU – Luxembourg
Supplying: Accreditation Solutions
To: Department of Contracts –  Malta

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Transport & Logistics tenders

Vysionics ITS Ltd.
Supplying: Fixed Average Speed Safety Cameras
To: Kent County Council –  UK

Total Contract Value: £250K

Trapeze Group Europe A/S
Supplying: Patient Travel Optimisation System
To: The Health Enterprises Centre for Patient Journeys –  Norway

The Kings Ferry Ltd
Supplying: Coach Hire Services
To: Metropolitan Police –  UK

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